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February 16, 2011

Are you diluting your “Likes”?

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On ClickZ, Christopher Heine takes an interesting look at how companies increasingly are trying to leverage the “Like” button to incentivize people to follow their brands. This brings up the important consideration of whether companies should focus on building their audiences through the “Like” button, or if they would be better served by focusing instead on developing a well thought out Fan page. What’s working best for your company?

– By Tim Boivin


January 24, 2011

Who are the Gatekeepers of Social Media?

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Folio magazine’s Matt Kinsman has an excellent post titled “For Publishers, Who are the Gatekeepers of Social Media?” The separation of church and state (sales and editorial) continues to be blurred as traditional print publications try to monetize their offerings online. For instance, the article raises the question of who should be tweeting – editorial, sales…or even IT? PR agencies and all corporations today face this new twist on the same old challenge – basically, who should be the face of your organization? How are you deciding? What role is marketing playing that used to be handled by PR, for instance, and why has that shift occurred in your organization?

— By Tim Boivin

December 21, 2010

Predicting a Happy Tech Year for 2011

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“Computers in the future will weigh no more than 1.5 tons.”
-Popular Mechanics, forecasting advance of science, 1949

“I have traveled the length and breadth of this country and talked with the best people, and I can assure you that data processing is a fad that won’t last out the year.”
-Anonymous Editor for Prentice Hall, 1957

“There is no reason why anyone would want to have a computer in their home.”
-Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp, 1977

“The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series in 2011.”
-Kevin Johnson, Tech Image, 2010

One of these days (…years? …decades? …centuries?), Kevin’s going to be right.

That must be it.  That must be why people continue to insist on making predictions, especially around the New Year.  As usual, here at Tech Image we have been bombarded with the thoughts of technology experts heading into 2011 but I thought the blog Technobable 2.0 did a nice job of compiling the thoughts on the future of technology from several places.  And Laurie McCabe takes her usual insightful look at the top 10 SMB technologies as well.

I hope you find these predictions interesting and enjoyable.  It will also be handy place for you to check up on how they fared with their predictions at the end of 2011.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Tech Image.

— by Tim Boivin

February 20, 2010

Lewis Black at the Chicago Theater – February 12, 2010

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Lewis I always find it fascinating that people in an audience think they can heckle a comedian onstage. When that comedian is Lewis Black, the sparks really fly. That was the case during his gig on Valentine’s Day weekend at the Chicago Theater, where Lewis did his act – mostly in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Lewis skewers everything, starting with an audience that thought it would be a good idea to spend part of their Valentine’s Day weekend with him – “Some of you only know me as that nice guy from the Ariba vacation commercials – What a nice man. BOY, are you in for a treat!”

Then there’s George W. Bush – “He was a BLEEPING Bobblehead President, for crissakes! Cheney would just tap him on the head and he’d go BOBBIN’ ALONG!” And don’t forget the fine citizens of the Hypochondriatic States of Americas – “Think they have restless leg syndrome in DARFUR?!!!” he shouts.

He goes on to take on the so-called terrorists who thought it would be a good idea to send someone with a bomb in his pants to blow up an airplane over Detroit – “HAVE YOU BEEN THERE LATELY? Like there’s anything left to bomb in Detroit!”

Everyone is fair game, especially those in the audience who forget that Lewis HAS THE MICROPHONE (as if he really needs it).  One heckler tried to take Lewis on when it comes to taxing the rich, which led to a five-minute diatribe all wrapped up with one of his classic rubbery cartoonish blubbering facial wags. Another tried to argue about insurance companies. Bad idea.

But what a fun night. If Lew is in your neck of the woods, spend some quality time listening to him explain why he would run naked in the airport if that’s what it took to reduce the screening time. Just don’t heckle him – you don’t stand a chance. HE HAS THE MICROPHONE … and you don’t.

Lewis Black is on tour with John Bowman, an underappreciated comedian in his own right, mostly on the East Coast through August, with a gig thrown in here and there in Vegas and for some weird reason just outside Detroit in Royal Oak, Michigan – like there are any hecklers left there to bomb!

–Reviewed by Tim Boivin

January 29, 2010

Whale Rider

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Whale Rider (directed by Niki Caro) is a great “small” movie set in New Zealand. The tension and love between Pai, a young girl, and her grandfather Koro, is artfully weaved throughout the story of how the Whangara people are seeking a chief with the mystical powers of Paikea, who is believed to have come to New Zealand on the back of a whale after his canoe capsized near Hawaii.


Whale_rider_verdvd Even though Pai seems to possess many of the qualities that would make her the ideal candidate to be chief, the fact that she is a girl leads Koro to dismiss her out of hand. This is a beautiful, beautiful story, well told and fascinating, about a thousand years of male tradition trumped by one young girl’s unyielding spirit. I will not spoil the twist at the end, but it’s a great twist. This is an inspirational tale for any age, but one I would especially encourage parents to share with their children.

— Reviewed by Tim Boivin

December 1, 2009

The Big Night (Co-Directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci)

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Forget Julie & Julia. The Big Night, released in 1996, is the best food movie ever, and one of the great unsung American movie-making treasures. The Big Night Poster

Tony Shalhoub (of TV’s Monk) and Stanley Tucci, who also directed, play two Italian immigrant brothers struggling to start a restaurant. Shalhoub, as Primo, is the chef who will not compromise his art. Tucci, as Secondo, is the maitre’d/business mind who is conflicted between supporting his brother’s considerable culinary skills or changing the restaurant’s menu to meet the vanilla tastes of the American public.

While food is the physical (guttural?) focal point of this story, the emotionally fulcrum is the love and frustration of family as Tucci explores ways to keep the business from going into foreclosure. Pascal, in a brilliant performance by Ian Holm, runs the competing successful restaurant down the road. Pascal offers to have Louis Prima’s band eat at Primo and Secondo’s restaurant in an attempt to create buzz in the neighborhood about Primo’s cooking. Seeing this as their last chance, the brothers plan a big feast and invite a wild cast of characters, including The West Wing’s Allison Janney as Primo’s love interest, and Minnie Driver as Tucci’s girlfriend. What unfolds is not what was planned, and reveals how strong familial ties can be even in the worst of times.

Spoil (your appetite) alert: As course after course is presented to the visitors during The Big Night, you will notice your appetite growing tremendously, especially when the Timpano is served. I guarantee that by the time you finish watching this movie, you will be very hungry. So watch it early and then go out to a fine Italian restaurant like Vittorio De Roma in Palatine, Ill. The specials – especially the Prosciutto in melon with melted asiago cheese – are fantastic! 

–Reviewed by Tim Boivin

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